How to utilise time in Lock down?

Online Classroom with CPD technologies in Lockdown Covid19

As we all know COVID19 is impacting every part of the world and making the things disastrous for every one who is taking it lightly. Whether we believe on not the only thing which can make us and our near one safe is social distancing and locking down our self in our home. Its easy to say but difficult to maintain as we all have a habbit to do something in our day life. So we are providing you some tips which can help you coping up with it..

Online Classroom with CPD technologies in Lockdown Covid19

Online classroom learning

 Learning is always useful and important to give you next level and when its era of Internet we can make learning at home with minimum efforts, we can join various courses online with institutes or websites like Udemy, Simply learn etc. Technology is the best thing to learn online and its being in great demand too. you may join our online training courses as well.

Online Classroom with CPD technologies in Lockdown Covid19

Spend time with your family

 In normal lives we always say we don't have time, but imagine when you have entire day with you, aren't we able to spend and care few hours with our family. Try this and recalls your memories with them to recreate a fresh environment.

Talk with family and friends remotely

In this time of whatsapp facebook and free mobile and video calls, keeping in touch is very easy but our time schedule do not allow us, thanks to lock down there is no constrain of time anymore. you can contact your near one for there well beings. It  will make you and your loved ones some happy moments.

Online Classroom with CPD technologies in Lockdown Covid19

Read Books/E-Books

One best companion for knowledge and stability is Books, Read as much as good inspiration and biographies which can let you to next level of your learning.


Most Important – Spend time with your self and figure out what more you can do to improvise your future.


How we utilize our time is our perception, we can make it colorful or colorless its us who decide.


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