Data Structure Training in Delhi

A data structure is an arrangement of data in a computer's memory or even disk storage. Data structure as an organization of information, usually in memory, for better algorithm efficiency, such as queue, stack, linked list, heap, dictionary, and tree, or conceptual unity, such as the name and address of a person. A data structure is a way of storing and retrieving data efficiently.

There are two main objectives to study data structures. First one is to identify and develop useful entities and operations and decide what type of problems can be solved with these entities and operations. The second one is to decide how to represent those entities and implement operations on those representations. There are two types of data structures are available to C/C++ programmers. One type of data structures are already built into C/C++ programming languages. These can be Arrays, Structures and classes. Other one is complex data structures that can be implemented using built in data types and structures in C/C++ programming languages.

Data Structure Training: Technical Specification

This training contains the basic of Data structure programming logic with core language of C/C++. Everyone who wish to learn the data structure organisation programming basics can participate in this Training. Participants will get introduced about modular and structured programming approach.

In this training we will look at the core data structures and algorithms used in everyday applications. We will discuss the trade-offs involved with choosing each data structure, along with traversal, retrieval, and update algorithms. This is part 1 of a two-part series of training covering algorithms and data structures. In this part we cover linked lists, stacks, queues, binary trees, and hash tables.

Topic Covered in Data Structure Training

  1. Introduction of Data Structure
  2. Linked List in Data Structure
  3. Stack in Data Structure
  4. Queue in Data Structure
  5. Array in Data Structure
  6. Tree in Data Structure
  7. Graph in Data Structure


Before going through Data Structure training candidate should have knowledge of given concepts listed below:

  • Strong Knowledge Computer
  • Basic knowledge of Programming Structure
  • Basic knowledge Programming Algorithm
  • Knowledge of C/ C++ (any) programming Mandatory

Benefits of Data Structure Training

  1. Complete code explanation and implementation
  2. Course Starts from installation of technology to deployment of product
  3. Trainers from Industry with good hand on experience
  4. You can develop your own programs after understanding the basics with our experienced Faculties
  5. Training will be 1hour theory and 1 hour practical
  6. Weekdays, fast track and weekend Batches
  7. Certificate after Successful completion of Training
  8. Online and Offline material support for better learning
  9. Software and Installation support will be provided
  10. Regular Machine Test for better understandings

Required Software/ Platforms for DS Training

  1. Turbo C











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