What are the 5 Deadly Sins In Career

deadly sign of careerHello dear readers!‘

Today, technology has given to us, instant access to just about everything at our fingertips. We are more focussed on the logical, technical and scientific aspects of life, which has resulted in a lack of spiritual reasoning. We often tend to neglect any bounds of ethics in our life and take no time out for introspection. If this is the case with you also, then you must go through this post where I have tried to emphasize on some of the most underrated things in our career. I personally feel these are the things that will turn out to be the sins of our career.

#1: Disstatisfaction

It is very important to have a certain level of satisfaction with whatever position we hold at work. Satisfaction must not be the cost of ambitions in one’s career.I believe all of us are strong enough to make a choice to change any of our circumstances. If we are not happy about our job, home or any other aspect of life we always have a power to change it. Just that, we need to have hope and the conviction that something different is possible.

#2: Self-Pity

Many of us suffer with this deadly sin and tend to believe that nothing is going to get better in our career. The best way to vanquish this feeling is gratitude. Gratitude will help you to snap yourself out of darkness and translates your perspective from despair to hope. This will also have huge positive impact on the body and psyche.

#3: Ungratefulness

Many a times in life we overlook the things we already possess, in the urge to gain something better. This is nothing less than a sin. Unless we are thankful for everything we have, we will never be content in  life.

We need to keep a constant check on our thoughts and refresh them towards the right path whenever there is a need to do so.

#4: Comparison

I am sure all of us have committed this one sin at one or the other point of life and so we all know what this sin looks like. This can be the predecessor for most horrific symptoms of envy, greed, and self-loathing. We often try to use others life as a parameter to judge our own journey. This is one of the hardest sin to overcome but unless you do it, seldom you can feel happy about yourself.

#5: Ego

Possibly there is no man under the sun who is devoid of ego. But it will start to harm not only one’s career but also personal relationships when it crosses the threshold. So it is important we always keep a check on ego levels. The lesser it is, the better for you.

This is my personal list of sins in one’s career. All of us suffer from either of these intermittently but successful and happy is the person who will not let them command his life!

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