Important topic of Java to focus for Job Interview

the list of topics suggested to any Java developer who is serious about interviews are as follows-

  • Java Fundamentals
  • Object-Oriented Concepts 
  • Data Structure and Algorithms 
  • Multithreading, concurrency, and thread basics 
  • Date type conversion and fundamentals
  • Garbage Collection 
  • Java Collections Framework 
  • Array 
  • String 
  • GOF Design Patterns 
  • SOLID design principles 
  • Abstract class and interface 
  • Java basics e.g. equals and hashcode 
  • Generics and Enum
  • Java IO and NIO 
  • Common Networking protocols
  • Data structure and algorithm in Java 
  • Regular expressions
  • JVM internals
  • Java Best Practices
  • JDBC  
  • Date, Time and Calendar 
  • XML Processing in Java 
  • JUnit 
  • Programming questions 

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