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Hello Guys, i am again writing this blog to share with you something very useful which is need of all BCA/MCA/Btech/ any graduate, when it comes for a career. In this today word where it is depicted that the opportunites are less and competition is high. I am like to share something which will make this understanding a mith and will prove it a concept which we use to give her heart  to make it settled for not doing anything.

As we know the IT sector encompasses many dimessions and one of the evolving one is the software industry. And Software industry is growing with a very rapid pase. Keeping in mind in fact that in INDIA itself where everything is taking a transformation of digitisation the need of the people who can handle this responsibility is in great demand. But now the question arises then why the employment volume is so low? Well to explain this we have to understand the prespective of both Employees and Employers, However we only satisfy ourself with our version and do not look beyond. For every employer finding a right and useful talent is a chalange where as for every employee to meet the industry expectation is a herculine task. 

This Gap between employee and employer expectation is the actual reason of this high competion scenario. Taking example of 3 idiots is the well fited supporting to justify this statement. If student start working on their skills and took right guidance from right people, this gap of unemployment can be healed easily.

Now a days various companies and organisations are working to fill this gap and providing students an ecosystem where they can work on there skills and make them job ready and enjoy the same.

CPD Technologies in also working from almost a decade and providing there participants an enviornment where they can learn and make themself earn a good job and we are happy to see the results. 

If you want any kind or job related assistance or if you want to make your self job ready you may write to us at or call at 08860352748.

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looking forward to see you.


Note: Author is an expert dealing with employees and employers from past 10 years and providing them the job ready manforce.



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