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HTML is a formal Recommendation by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) and is generally attached to by the major browsers, Microsoft's Internet Explorer and Netscape's Navigator. In today's world, it is commonly used along with JavaScript and Cascading Style Sheets (CSS) to give web pages an attracting look and feel. Through HTML, the look and appearance of images, links, headings, text, page layout and just about every element of a web page can be formatted easily with the help of predefined tags.



XML is an acronym for the Extensible Markup Language, a subset of the ISO standard: Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML). SGML is a language for depicting markup languages, particularly those used in document management, electronic document exchange, and document publishing. XML is a simplified subset of SGML that retains SGML's more commonly used features and removes many of those features that are complex and costly to implement. XML was designed to transport and deposit data. It is a self descriptive language. Tags are not predefined in XML; we create it according to our needs.


Difference between HTML and XML:

HTML is an abbreviation for Hypertext markup language was developed to display the data and focalize on how it looks whereas XML stands for Extensible markup language was developed to describe the information and transport the data between application and database.

HTML is a presentation language whereas XML is neither a programming nor a presentation language, it is known as metadata language or the languages that can be used to define other language.XML based languages include RSS, Atoms and XHTML.

XML provides the framework for the markup language define the set of rules for encoding the document in a format that can be understand by both computer and human whereas HTML itself is a markup language which is used to design web pages. In XML if attribute is defined then it should have value and in HTML attribute value can be present without value.

XML is case sensitive whereas HTML is case insensitive. XML is dynamic as it carrying the information but HTML is static as it is about displaying the data. Designing can be done in XML using Extensible Style Sheet (xsl) unlike Cascading Style Sheet (CSS) which is used in HTML.

XML must have closing tags but HTML has closing and self-closing tags.


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