OOPs Vs Procedural Programming

Net logo_thumb230.Net Framework is developed by Microsoft Company for Develop, Execute Dynamic Websites. Websites can be of Web based or Desktop based Application. These Websites Created through using some components like ASP.net, ADO.net, Web Services, WPF, Window Communication Foundation (WCF) etc. This Framework Provide MSIC (Microsoft Interface Language) or CIL (Common Interface Language).

OOPs concept is the key feature used in any Program for Developing which make the program more efficient and easily Problem can be solved through this Programming paradigm. Before OOPs concept, Procedural Programming concept uses in earlier Programs which has many demerits which overcome by Object Oriented Programming Methodology.





OOPs (Object Oriented Programming) is basic concept of programming language which is widely use in C++, PHP, ASP.net languages. It is Problem Solving Approach which is carried out using Object. This is one of influential development used in computer Programming. Main Purpose of Object Oriented Programming is to simplify a design, programming. Following are the Features of OOPs:

  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Data Hiding

Procedural Programming stands for well Organized Procedure which means Computer give step by step procedure to execute a program. It uses Top to Down Approach for solving any Problem. It Divide Programming task into Sub-Task to solve a Problem. Procedural Programming Approach is used by C, Pascal, and Basic etc Languages.

Difference Between Object Oriented Programming and Procedural Programming:

In Procedural Programming, Program is divided into small parts called Function. Most of the variables are Global in nature which can be accessed freely from any function and Data can flow from function to function because of which Data is not Secure whereas in OOPs Data cannot Move easily from function to function it can make Data secure using access specifier like Private and Protected because of which Data is Secure as compare to Procedural Programming. Procedural Programming give the importance to procedure instead of Data unlike OOPs give more preference to Data in Place of Procedure. For solving any problem Procedural Programming uses Top to Down Approach whereas OOPs uses Down to Top Approach for solving Problem.



void main()


printf (“Hello World”);





void main ()


cout<<”Hello World”;

getch ();


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